Mission Statement

Ron King Academy focuses on individual transformation starting with a first-class education in cosmetology, barbering, and esthetics. Led by celebrity hair stylist Ron King and hair academy experts David and Christie Gonzales, the academy is committed to helping students reach their full potential by preparing them for a salon career, photo shoots, runway shows, and more.

The academy also was founded with the purpose of serving others, growing locally so it can continue to grow globally by building a network of schools in developing countries to empower people and give them hope. The vision of this local and global strategy attracts great faculty, students and salon clients who desire to make a difference. Ron King Hair Academy provides a unique education for students who desire to explore their passions and creativity, learn professional salon techniques and business skills, and successfully stand out in the beauty industry.

A Unique Curriculum

Ron King’s high standards of excellence in hairdressing are reflected in our curriculum. Students are immersed in a program that teaches modern techniques, preparing them for future success in an evolving industry. King and Gonzales recognize that many professionals new to the salon industry are not prepared once they leave their respective educational institutions. Ron King Academy makes sure that students are prepared with the necessary skills and abilities to enter professional careers in top salons and in other high-end beauty businesses.

Enriching Collaborations

The beauty industry is a two-sided one, merging creativity and artistry with business acumen. At Ron King Academy, we know that the technical side of the industry isn’t the only key to your future success. It’s necessary in many top salons, barbershops, and spas to possess important business skills to increase prosperity and growth.

To nurture creativity, the Academy has partnered with L’Oreal Professionnel, bringing students access to their high-quality products and educators trained in their latest techniques.

On the business end, the Academy has partnered with Salon Summit Business Center, a program that teaches students business skills necessary for succeeding in and owning and operating salons.